Customized low-arch-insoles can be wholesaled from Lee-Mat. As one of the professional China low-arch-insoles manufacturers and suppliers, we have accumulated rich experience and we will continue to work hard. We will provide you with a discount and free sample for you. If you’re interested in our high quality products, please feel free to contact us by email, and you are welcome to visit our factory. Wish to be a long-term partner with you.
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Orthotic Insole

Orthotic Insole

Lee-Mat® Orthotic Insole is developed after our team done researches and work closely with professional foot doctor in the past years. After over a decade of development, our company has become one of the largest manufacturer and supplier in China. We have continuous developing on our major products, arch support sandals and other functional insoles, manufacturing orthotic insoles, arch support insoles, sandals, sports brace protective gears with good price and cover most of European and American markets.

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