Lee-Mat New Arrival Height Increase Insoles


Why do you need height increase insoles?

In the real world, height matters. Height gives you an edge to stand out among others. Unfortunately, we cannot increase our height overnight. It is a process, and there is an age limit on bone growth that directly influence human height.

To achieve a decent height effortlessly, you may opt for temporary solutions such as Lee-Mat height increase insoles. It is highly in-demand and popular among consumers because it provides comfortable elevation, discreet height increase and breathability. Lee-Mat height increase insoles are unisex and fits with almost all shoe size and types so you don’t have to worry about choosing a particular pair of shoes to be able to use the height increase insoles. You just need to have a high-top shoe, slide the insole inside, and enjoy its benefits.

Lee-Mat height increase insoles will boost your confidence with these durable material, which will give you a height increase of 1.5cm, 2.5cm and 3.5cm. It comes with a strong self-adhesive PU gel material. Just stack your desired layers, you’re good to go. The top layer of the insole is covered with breathable slip-proof fabric that absorbs sweat and allows air to travel in and out, preventing moisture and odor build-up.