Lee-Mat New Arrival Arch support insoles


Our feet are designed to distribute weight and pressure but sometimes our bodies do not maintain the optimal positions of the foot's musculoskeletal structures resulting in a collapsed or high arch. Trying to manipulate these structures from underneath the foot is what we think of as arch support. Unfortunately, this has not been shown to be effective in correcting the alignment or position of the foot's musculoskeletal structures. Lee-Mat arch support insoles, instead of trying to correct the arch from underneath, it can control the position of the hindfoot, which includes the heel and ankle. Just like correcting your back's posture will bring the rest of your body into a more optimal position, controlling the position of the hindfoot draws the foot into its most optimal position, addressing issues with the arch as it does so.

Lee-Mat arch support insoles have been shown to decrease pain experienced in the body as a result of poor arch health. The inserts that come in shoes are not typically able to provide this degree of control and so after-factory shoe inserts with specific alignment technology are usually needed to experience a change. Lee-Mat arch support insoles has also been shown that providing arch correction through hindfoot position control creates an increase in the wearer's ability to balance and decreases the risk of fall and injury.