Start the New Year With the Best Podiatrist-Approved Shock Absorbing Insoles of 2023


Why is shock absorption important?

Our feet are constantly under strain. If they are not provided with adequate support – even during everyday activities – then regular wear and tear can cause more significant damage, leading to ongoing discomfort and a wide range of painful conditions. By ensuring that our shoe insoles have excellent shock absorption properties, Lee-Mat ensures that more energy is absorbed by the insole during every foot strike, which takes some of the pressure off the joints and soft tissues of the body.
Shock absorbing insoles are vital for athletes. As well as alleviating pain in the muscles and joints, these shoe inserts also reduce the risk of injury. But that’s not to say that these products are purely for those who love to exercise. If you’re on your feet all day, or simply find that you feel sore and uncomfortable after prolonged periods of walking, you will benefit from wearing shock absorbing insoles in your regular shoes.
The beauty of the shock absorbing insoles from Lee-Mat is that they are highly effective and yet still discreet and stylish enough to fit into any type of footwear. You’ll feel more comfortable within minutes of customizing your insoles with the level of support that you need.

The best Shock Absorbing Insoles for Added Impact Protection & Support

Lee-Mat Shock Absorbing Insoles can offer increased impact support and cushioning to prevent injuries associated with landing from heights and bailing out tricks. The right insoles also can adapt to any foot shape for optimal comfort and support. Shock Absorbing Insoles provide heel and arch support afford users corrective and protective benefits that regular insoles or inserts don’t possess. This feature also increases stability and reduces the risk of blistering. Odor protection and moisture-wicking materials work hand in hand to keep the feet comfortably cool and dry. Materials that aid in breathability also resist excessive perspiration, bacteria and prevent unwanted odors.
Although often overlooked, using the right pair of skateboarding insoles protects your feet and heels from the risk of chronic pain and sustaining severe injuries. Make every sport a comfortable and protective experience with the Shock Absorbing Insoles.