Lee-Mat Wrist Support to Relieve Hand Pain


There are three reasons that wrist injuries occur. The first is repetitive injury typically brought by workplace conditions, as in office tasks that require a lot of typing. The strain causes damage on the nerves and tendons in the area, and ultimately leads to wrist pain. The second reason is impact, which could be due to accidents, or physical activities such as in sports. Sprain and fractures are expected in sports, but wrists also take a beating because of our natural inclination to extend the hand and land on the wrist when falling, which is why at some point, a wrist brace could come in handy.

Lee-Mat Wrist Support specially designed for preventing repetitive strain injury (RSI) could keep the wrist in a neutral position and reduce pressure within the Carpal Tunnel region. RSI could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, but a wrist brace could ease the symptoms of the condition, such as the sensation of pins stuck on the area and shooting pain. This could also help quicken the healing process in the case of sprained wrists. Lee-Mat Wrist Support provides compression while stabilizing the wrist joint with its over-the-thumb design. It is made of a neoprene blend fabric which retains body heat for increased circulation. The wrist support is fully adjustable and fits either the left or right wrist.

Lee-Mat Wrist Support ensure that your wrist recovers from any existing injuries and to protect it against future injuries. How do we do this? By providing the best quality wrist braces and wrist supports available from all of the top brands. Our products are cherry picked by experts for their quality and efficacy, and we offer everything from economy braces for a little extra support to cutting edge, top-of-the-line supports used by professional sports stars. Lee-Mat Wrist Support is both lightweight and incredibly comfortable so can be worn for longer periods. The unique MegaStretch fabric allows the joint to move without restriction whilst at the same time providing pain relieving warmth and support to the joint.