Lee-Mat Shock Absorbing Orthotic Insole customized for Athlete at World Cup


Nowadays, the 2022 World Cup football has brought light on to the different types of football insoles worn by different players. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and generates great financial revenue. It is also a sport whose practice has evolved considerably in terms of intensity and commitment, and in which the intrinsic risk of injury (not directly related to an interaction with the environment) is particularly high. Lee-Mat Heat Moldable Shock Absorption Insole are innovative performance insoles made from full layered NASA Grade Shock absorption Material with Nano Fiber Thermoformable Material insert which can be customized according to each individual’s foot shape and absorb the impact of the foot.

There is a wide range of insoles available designed for athlete that can aid foot problems while increasing comfort and reducing pain. A well-designed orthosis will optimize the mechanical function of your feet and lower limbs, as well as aiding shock absorption and even providing extra energy return.
Improved Athletic Performance: The Lee-Mat Heat Moldable Shock Absorption Insole is the first-ever sports insole designed to return the energy an athlete generates as explosive power, speed and agility. The insole’s NASA Grade Shock absorption Material increases explosiveness by an average of +9.3%, which immediately translates to running faster and jumping higher. For Sports: Basketball, Boxing, Fitness, Golf, Running, Volleyball, and Racquet Sports.
Increased Injury Protection: The most important way to treat an injury is to avoid one in the first place. Lee-Mat Heat Moldable Shock Absorption Insole have been thoroughly put on test “After an extensive 3-month research study , it is clear that Lee-Mat Heat Moldable Shock Absorption Insole improve lower body biomechanics, stability of the ankle and knee during running, and shock absorption during landing. These improvements can help protect athletes by providing injury protection.