Lee-Mat Ready Stock Heated Scarf Neck Warmer, protect cerebral circulation


Why would you need heated scarf?

As the cold weather approaches, many people are looking for ways to stay warm. This is for a good reason. Failing to protect yourself against cold temperatures can increase the likelihood of hypothermia or coming down with an illness. Putting on powerful and efficient “cold gear” is a simple way to put your body in the best position to thrive, cold-free. It’s for this reason so many people have added heated scarf to their winter uniform. An electric heated scarf makes a great gift for anyone during the holiday time, a practical fashion accessory, or even a simply necessary item for surviving the cold. 

The best heated scarf to keep warm
Lee-Mat Heated Scarf can let you feel the warmth of the temperature spread in the neck for blood circulation and comfortable relaxation. Have 3 Heating Levels, temperature can be adjusted according to personal preference. Made by wool warm material, skin friendly. The heated scarf is installed with a Nano flexible heating pad so that additional heat can be provided to help you effectively combat wind-chill or cold weather, maintaining optimum body temperature and thus. The heated scarf can be heated quickly in a few seconds. In a very cold outdoor, you can adjust to the red level so that you are not afraid of the cold. In colder places, you can adjust the temperature to the white. In indoor places with insufficient heating, you can set the medium or lowest temperature to keep you warm.
How to Use: Insert the USB port to 5V/5000mAh battery, put the battery in the pocket . Press and hold the scarf button for 3 seconds to turn it on/off, and press the button again to switch the temperature.

Three Temperature Levels: The red light is the highest temperature of 60°C, the white light is the medium temperature of 50°C, and the blue light is the lowest temperature of 40°C.