Lee-Mat Heated Gloves


Once the temperatures drop, it's time for our favorite winter activities. We're talking skiing, ice fishing, sledding — and of course, many of us want to continue our daily outdoor activities, like running, motorcycling or simply walking our dogs. But, in order to truly enjoy these activities (and those not-so-fun ones, like shoveling), you need adequate best gear to keep you from freezing, including a good winter coat or down jacket. And if your hands and fingers tend to get too cold in regular winter gloves, you'll want to invest in the some heated gloves too.

If you're looking for the perfect heated glove for this winter, check out this pair from Lee-Mat. Our heated gloves got three different heat settings and comes with rechargeable batteries that the brand says last up to six hours. The outer fabric is touchscreen compatible, so you can use your smartphone while wearing them.

Made of polyester with down-alternative insulation, Lee Mat heated gloves felt soft, stretchy, and flexible. And the thermal design didn't make our hands sweaty. They come in sizes small through extra-large and are conveniently adjustable at the wrists. To stay completely warm, we made sure the gloves are wind and weather-proofed. Heated gloves will vary in how thick they are with thinner styles better suited for working outside or skiing. Waterproof protection will help keep you hands protected from the elements.
The heat-generating material uses the composite carbon fiber material with the highest heat efficiency in the industry. It can radiate far-infrared rays while energizing and heating, and promotes health effects such as blood circulation. High-density, low-temperature, and high-temperature-resistant polymer battery cell (7.5V/4000mAh) that can still be used normally under extreme cold conditions at -40℃. Lee Mat heated gloves suitable for people who like camping, cycling, fishing, skating, backpacking and etc.