Lee-Mat Height Increasing Insoles Win The Height, Step Into A New You


Currently, the Black Air Cushion Height Increasing Insoles version is the best seller at Online channels, Amazon for example. Lee-Mat Height Increasing Insoles is made of selected high-quality environmental PU and air breathing, durable and flexible fiber material with promised quality assurance and warranty. The air cushion design protects your knees and ankles, balances foot pressure and shock absorption. The design can fit in all types of lace-up shoes, including sports shoes and work boots. The insole is suitable for standing for a long time, instant height increasing and totally Invisible. Lee-Mat Height Increasing Insoles is adjustable from basic 1 layer 3cm to add up to 2 layers 5cm, 3 layers 7cm and 4 layers 9cm.

Wile, we have developed a New Height Increasing Insoles which is made of Hundreds of boost capsules, which deliver incredible energy return and instant comfort to keep you going. The popcorn particle insole has moderate hardness, not too soft to support, nor too hard to increase foot pressure, keeping feet comfortable. The surface of this New Height Increasing Insoles is ergonomically designed to better fit the sole of the foot and keep the footstep in a natural posture. There are cutting lines on the back of the insole which is available to cut the insole to the suitable size.