Lee-Mat New Heated Vest That Will Keep You Toasty Warm All Winter


Why would you need heated vest?

Now that winter is coming, it's time to break out your coziest cold-weather gear. If you don't already have a Heated Vest in your winter wardrobe, now's the perfect time to shop. Say goodbye to bulky, restrictive layers of clothing and slip on a Heated Vest to keep you warm during outdoor winter tasks. When temperatures drop, working outdoors can become downright uncomfortable if you don’t have a way to stay warm. Moving freely is essential in many outdoor occupations, including construction, surveying, and landscaping, so piling on constricting clothing layers isn’t usually an option. That’s where Heated Vest come in. These typically lightweight garments, which fit easily over a shirt or under a jacket, feature battery-heated panels that help keep your core warm so you can continue to work. 

The best heated vest to keep warm

Lee-Mat Heated Vest aims to stay warm in all the right places, thanks to eight carbon-fiber heating zones located along the shoulder, in the mid-back, and on the lower front of the vest. This vest features two temperature settings, back and front. So users can choose which one best suits the desired warmth needs and outdoor environment. This vest contains quality materials and is well made—no snags, the seams are well sewn, and the material seems very durable. Our favorite feature was the heating panel in the shoulder. It can keep warm and boost blood circulation. The soft nylon outer shell blocked most of the cutting wind. Although Heated Vest run on electricity, the voltage is so low that there is no risk of being electrocuted. Heated Vest is even safe in the washing machine—once the battery has been removed, of course. All in all, this is a high-quality heated vest that should last for years. Lee-Mat Heated Vest is very competitively priced, and feedback suggests that the majority of buyers are satisfied with their purchase.