Lee-Mat Orthotic Insoles for Flat Feet, According to Podiatrists


What does it mean if you have flat feet?
Having flat feet means that your feet have no arch on them. “Flat feet are characterized by a particular bone structure in the foot, including a low declination in the heel bone and pronated talus bone,” elaborates Dr. Nelya Lobkova. “The cause of flat feet is typically genetic due to the alignment of bone structure in the foot. Other causes include injuries, pregnancy (it increases laxity in the ligaments of the feet), or aging.”

For most people, having flat feet doesn’t result in any underlying symptoms—nor do you need any surgical intervention for the most part, according to Dr. Nelya Lobkova. However, symptoms of flat feet can include pain in the knees or hips, pain in the arches over long periods of sitting or standing, or inflammation, in which case additional help (like an Orthotic Insoles!) might be beneficial.

The best insoles for flat feet

Lee-Mat Orthotic Insoles provide high arch support, helping to stabilize the feet and reducing stress on the heels, knees, and back. Making you walk more flexible and relaxed. Advanced bio-mechanical support technology is used to enable the foot to reach the bio-mechanical balance, so as to solve the foot pain caused by the force imbalance of the foot skeleton. In particular, these insoles have a flexible orthotic core placed at the center and heel in order to provide complete support throughout the foot. For those who have a low arch and need additional support, the Lee-Mat Orthotic Arch Support Insoles are the perfect option.