Lee-Mat New Heat Moldable Insoles Walk With No Pain, Walk In Comfort


What does heat moldable Insoles do?
On average, we take about 10,000 steps a day. Many of us have jobs that require standing and/or walking for long hours. And it is our feet that bear the brunt of these daily activities. There’s no need to walk around in pain when there’s a simple solution: Heat Moldable Insoles. The shoe inserts can work wonders on your body from the bottom to the top, mitigating aching feet, back and calf pain and muscle tension,

Heat Moldable Insoles build in the biomechanics issues that you buy insoles to correct. They are also too soft to provide enough support. Heat Moldable Insoles suit those who have flat feet, low arches and Plantar Fasciitis, slipping in the Orthotics will help with shock absorption,impact,discomfort and other conditions.

How does Heat Moldable Insoles work?

New Heat Moldable Insoles have high scratching durability, high color fastness and high bonding strength. It is easy to use and to customize to fit your feet to correct flat feet or high arch feet. All of the insoles color, size, pattern can be customized. Heat-mold insoles provide a different way to custom fit insoles to your feet. First step, put Heat the insoles in heating oven according to the directions provided at 95℃ ~ 97℃ for 5 minutes to get the Nano fiber insert soften. Second step, carefully place the insoles on a molder or in your shoes, and step on for about 1~2 minutes. Let the insoles cool so they can take the shape of your feet.