Lee-Mat Heated Socks Heated Gloves Heated Vests Heated Blanket Warm Your Body at This Freezing Winter


Currently, Europe is facing a generational energy crisis as it heads into winter. A shortfall of 150 billion cubic meters of gas-gas that Russian won't be delivering to Europe this year because of its war in Ukraine-has left Europe scrambling to find alternatives and contain the fallout. 

Europe overall is aiming for a 15% gas consumption reduction by March 2023. The energy crisis will last until at least 2024. Individual European countries have their own rationing schemes, and are very likely to have to activate them. 

Due to the impact and lack of energy and power, public in Europe is preparing for this Freezing Winter. Heated clothing is highly welcomed and a lot of shipments are being made from China to European importers in order to stay warm and cozy. Hence, Lee-Mat has newly developed a series of Heated Socks, Heated Gloves, Heated Vest and Heated Blanket. 

Especially, for Heated Socks have different batteries at price level from $6.50 ~ $30 with multiple options out there that will suit your budget and needs. Made from soft and stretchy Cotton and Wool Yarn, these cozy socks with rechargeable Li-Polymer batteries feature three temperature settings and a handy pocket at the top to hold the rechargeable battery pack. They expertly keep both the feet and legs warm, and the cushioned toe and heel make them comfortable enough to wear for long periods. While they work great for outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, and hiking, they're just as useful for attending cold-weather sporting events, or even lounging indoors on a chilly night. Heated Socks Heated Vests have available stock which can be shipped at 1~2 weeks after placing order.