What is the difference between medical and sports protective equipment?


First of all, let's first understand what is a protective device. As the name implies, a protective device is a protective tool to protect the body or a part of the body from injury or avoid secondary injury. As long as it is a part of the human body, you can design head protection, shoulder protection, hand protection, elbow protection, wrist protection, waist protection, leg protection, knee protection, ankle protection and other protective devices according to the part.

To some extent, there are not many essential differences between medical and sports protective devices. Medical protective equipment emphasizes more on the rehabilitation process, and refers to the physical correction and recovery of the injured or tired joint parts. The sports protective equipment emphasizes the preventive role, and refers to a protective measure taken to avoid injury before a certain sport.

Take the definition of sports knee care and medical knee care as an example:

Function of sports knee protection: it can strengthen the knee, enhance stability, prevent knee pain and fatigue caused by long-term sports, provide pressure and reduce swelling.

Function of medical knee pad: the material is soft and elastic. The interlayer is provided with metal plastic and stable support strips. It can support and reduce the load of the weak and tired knee joints.

In general, the protective device is to protect your joints from injury. After wearing the sports protective device, you can protect your joints from injury during sports. The medical protector is to help you fix and recover after you are injured, so as to avoid being injured again.