Teach you to wear hot clothes correctly


1. Don't worry about the size of the heating clothes. If you buy clothes of a larger size, the heating effect will be reduced. When selecting the heating clothes, you should choose the most suitable size to increase the contact area between the clothes and the skin, so that the heating effect can be brought into full play.

2. The order of wearing the heating clothes is to select the heating clothes that are suitable for you, and you should wear them at the bottom. Because the heating clothes are transformed into heat energy through the water vapor evaporated by the human body, so the clothes can be directly contacted with the skin to ensure that the clothes can be heated from the inside.

3. Should the hot clothes be worn at this time? Many people will ask, "can I wear them for sports?" The answer is no! The heating principle of the heating clothes is to generate heat energy by the moisture evaporated from the skin. However, the body produces a lot of sweat during exercise, which may cause the heating clothes to be unable to be discharged. When the clothes become wet, the heating clothes will lose their warm effect and let you go through the cold.