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Functional Insole

Dongguan Lee-Mat Sports Technology Co.Ltd is a professional China Functional Insoles Manufacturer and supplier. We have professional R&D team,which can provide new product development service according to client’s request. Our sales team has reach experience on international trades, and English and Chinese speaker for better communication between customer and factory side. All products shipped are 100% inspected and can meet international quality standard. 

High quality Lee-Mat® Functional insoles are ideal for reducing strain on plantar fasciitis and foot pain. Product range has including orthotic insoles arch support inserts, and slimming insoles, massage insoles and height increasing insoles. For slimming insoles, there are massage points on the metatarsal bone and heel to promote blood circulation and help eliminate extra water and discharge toxins from body. For massage insoles, there is a big cobble stone in the middle and the cobble stones massage according to acupuncture point. Especially massage renal function area. For height increase insoles, it can correct uneven leg length and absorb shock. This is a four-piece design which allows you to adjust to the desired shape and height for superior comfort. Lee-Mat functional insoles can be used anytime, anywhere, greatly reducing the time cost. 

Your feet are the foundation of your body, bearing all of its weight and keeping it stable. Any pain, deformity, or discomfort in the feet can compromise that stability, which in turn causes excessive stress from your hip joints to your spine. When this happens, functional insoles are the ideal products to solve your difficulties. Lee-Mat functional insoles have CE certificate. We have reached the cooperation with sports wear companies Nike, Adidas,  orthotic professional brands Custom Feet, Foot Bio-Tec and etc. Chooses us, chooses the specialty!
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Massage Insole

Massage Insole

As one of the biggest sports technology manufacturer and supplier in China, Lee-Mat® has developed Massage Insole specially for elderly and people who suffer from foot pain, excess body weight, sporting activities, heeled and narrow or pointed shoes, age, walking on hard surfaces, pregnancy. With high-quality gel massage function for a comfortable walking and daily wearing at direct factory price.

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Do you want to buy discount and quality Functional Insole? There are our customers around the world, mainly including the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, etc. Lee-Mat as one of famous Functional Insole manufacturers and suppliers in China. Besides, Lee-Mat has its own factory. Because of this condition, we can make customized products according to customer requirements. If I want more, can I wholesale it? Of course. If you are interested in our products, we will provide you free sample. For more information, contact us now.