Arch Slipper
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Arch Slipper

Lee-Mat® Arch Slipper is applied to the foot and ankle to prevent and correct the foot deformity. The foot foundation is mainly structured with 3 major arches. In another word, these three arches form the foundation of the foot. Foot Levelers also has a great selection of high-quality, comfortable, Arch Slipper for all occasions! We have many years of experience in supplying slipper, sandal, insoles and foot care products.

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Product Description

Lee-Mat® Arch Slipper for folks who tend to be over-pronators—folks with low or flexible arches that collapse. The typical flat sandal does not offer sufficient support and may actually injure one's foot. So, Arch Slipper tend to be built for stability with a more substantial and rigid out-sole, built with a deeper heel cup (to better align your foot tissue under your heel), and of course, built with a substantial arch hump to better support your foot's arch. Lee-Mat Arch Slipper build quality of the slipper pretty much fell in line with their price.

Lee-Mat® Arch Slipper Parameter (Specification)

Product name: Lee-Mat Arch Slipper

Mode: JS-012B-3

Material: Leather + EVA + Rubber

Size: EU35~EU46

Arch height: 3.5cm

Lee-Mat® Arch Slipper Feature And Application

Lee-Mat® Arch Slipper brings together style and science, combining innovative biomechanics with the most coveted trends. The arch support is really the key feature in Arch Slipper like these, and there was surprising variation. For the people who are fallen arch, without adequate arch support will create a slight angle of the tibia at the knee and placing extra stress on my 68 y/o knee joint on the inside compartment.

Wearing narrow, high heeled and/or pointed shoes makes you look feminine but will lead extremely unhealthy outcome to your feet, like bunions, ball of the foot pain, interphalangeal neuroma, painful corns and callus, achilles tendonitis , knee pain, hip pain ( forward pelvictilt) and lower back pain ( lumbar lordosis), etc.

Lee-Mat® Arch Slipper Details

Lee-Mat® Arch Slipper is made of comfortable and soft leather and shock absorption EVA mid-sole, non-slip rubber out-sole. Arch Slipper made by professional doctors and rehabilitation engineers, based on their clinical signs and bio-mechanical test results, under the guidance of clinical medicine and biomedical engineering theories, and by means of orthopedics and footwear.

Size: EU35~EU46, Arch height 3.5cm.

Because the inside of the slippers is higher than the outside, can make the human body step on standing and walking, the center of gravity naturally transferred to the outside. Thus achieved the correction of heel tilt valgus, center of gravity imbalance. The utility model correction slippers can make the patient unknowingly correct the foot valgus flat foot, significant effect, simple and practical.

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